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Steering Committee on Population Policy

Terms of Reference (From 1 December 2014)
In pursuance of the population policy objective of “developing and nurturing a population that will continuously support and drive Hong Kong’s socio-economic development as Asia’s world city, and engendering a socially inclusive and cohesive society that allows individuals to realise their potential, with a view to attaining quality life for all residents and families”, the Steering Committee on Population Policy will -
(1) oversee the implementation of new or improved measures formulated following the four-month public engagement exercise ended in early 2014 and review progress from time to time to ensure that such agreed measures have been followed through.
(2) keep in view the main social and economic challenges brought about by our ageing population, refine existing policies and measures as necessary, and coordinate cross-bureaux initiatives to ensure that our policy measures remain relevant and effective to address these challenges.
(3) engage stakeholders and experts from outside the Government from time to time in furthering the work in (1) and (2) above.
Membership (From 1 December 2014)
Chairman Chief Secretary for Administration
Members Secretary for Home Affairs Secretary for Labour and Welfare Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Secretary for Security Secretary for Education Secretary for Food and Health Director of Immigration Director of Administration Head, Central Policy Unit Commissioner for Census and Statistics Government Economist